Gentlemen welcomes all of you, Rinki Arora, Chembur Models have changed a lot; the thing to watch is that you are a beneficial for all Gentlemen, since many changes have been made in our agency since this month, almost all The old model female profile has been removed from its agency, and about 7 models have been re-joined for  service, it is very good for all of you The big news is that for a long time, should be done with the same profile, something new should be done. In keeping with all these things, our agency decided that the old fire profile should change as soon as possible. To be done, and the profile has been changed in the month of July, all of our models are of very clean personalities, very attractive in view, physically health and value Very hot, this thing goes on in favour of all gentlemen, because every Gentleman hopes to get something new, as you all know Chembur has about 45  agencies, which gives service in it 3 agency which offers the model service, the first name in which it comes ours Rinki Arora It is a matter of pride for us that our name is Chembur’s top model A Are you coming to the  service provider, do you know that it took years to reach your repatriation here, today the name of our agency is taken by people with great respect and respect, that is why all the staff of our agency work their integrity And do it with integrity.


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